April Post?

I’m finally done with school for the semester. And I have no clue what to do. It’s so weird not feeling like I must do any work…

And this post counts for April since I started writing it then right??


I finished my crochet blanket!! Finally! :-)

It’s really big. Almost a 6 foot by 6 foot square.
It was made with Filatura Lanarota Wool Sprinkles in red and blue and Filatura Lanarota Wool Heathers in black.
I also used a size H (5 mm) hook.

I also made some ergonomic clay handles and a hand hold for my hands. I used some sort of polymer clay that cured in the oven. Like other people do, but mine are formed to my hands, which makes them that much better for helping prevent my hands from hurting. :-) So hopefully this coming summer (assuming I crochet a lot again like last summer, when my hands started hurting) my hands will be better.

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Monthly March Post!

It was spring break for us last week. More like two weeks now. And that meant: crocheting! Well, crocheting when I wanted to after completing (or almost completing) an assignment. My friend had gone to an event I had organized, and he had said, that if he went, he wanted a dinosaur. My other friend was feeling down so I made him the long neck dino. And yet another friend, who I have known for longer than the other two, still didn’t have a dino so I asked him what kind of dino he wanted and he said “The flying one!”, and so I made him a flying dino. Here are all the dinos.

You may have noticed that there is a new dino on the right.
It’s a raptor. My friend requested one, so I made one.
He’s made with Red Heart Super Saver Navy and I think a G hook.

Last but not least is a soap holder! Over spring break, two of the aforementioned friends asked me if I wanted to go camping the first Friday/Saturday/Sunday of spring break. At first I was like, I’m not sure.. And then the Thursday before they were leaving they asked me again (raptor friend told me I should go earlier Thursday, and then long neck dino friend told me I should go too later Thursday) and I decided I would go. I had a really really fun time, so much that I can’t really wait to go camping again! I think it was the people I was with that made it so fun :-). Anyways, we all forgot soap for like hand washing, and when we got back I was thinking, you can’t just have soap all by itself because then it would get covered in leaves and dirt and stuff. So I decided to make a soap thing that would hold the soap and keep it off the ground.

It’s made with some cotton stuff (size 3 thread) and a 3.75? mm hook.

In the school department, all my teachers were “nice” because we didn’t have any tests the week back from spring break.. That just means I have three tests this week. And one next week. And currently 5 weeks left of school. Well, 5 weeks and 1 day since our school has exams start on a Tuesday (which is weird, they are going to change that next semester and the semesters following). But, I only have 5 weeks left since I only have class Tuesday/Thursday which is good and bad..

And! I figured out my schedule for the next 5 semesters.. Assuming I don’t have to retake any. So that means I should be graduating with my bachelors in the spring of 2014. Originally I had thought I would graduated in the traditional four years (making it spring 2013), but I’m not sure if any engineering students can graduate “on time” with a good gpa/involvement/internships so. And by then I’ll have taken four grad classes and will only need six more!a

I’m glad I’ve been able to keep up my once a month posts. Yay for the leap day! :-) Maybe March will get two posts!! :-P

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One Post a Month!

That is my goal for this year. Well, at least for this semester.

It’s a few days later now.. and it’s good that this year is a leap year! Or else I wouldn’t meet my goal of one post a month..

Anyways, I don’t want to do school work so..
Post Time!

My friend’s friend had a cell phone cover that was in the shape of a lamb. So my friend asked me to make it for her. And I did!
Here it is.

It’s made with really soft baby yarn and quite big (I think US 8) knitting needles.

She really likes it!

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School Started Again

School started again. It’s now the end of the second week. And even though I only have class two days a week (Tuesday and Thursday) I still haven’t really worked on anything. Hopefully once House starts again I will be able to make myself work on some stuff! :-) That would be good.

I also do not have much work to do yet. The result is that I’m kind of procrastinating.. Which is also contributing to the not working on any projects.

Now since it’s the end of the week I have more to do. But it’s ok because I have four days to do it all! Still, it’s not fun knowing that I have all this work to do.

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More Projects

So the day after Christmas I saw some fabric in the Joann’s ad. I really liked it. So I decided I was going to make something with that fabric. Except I didn’t know what. Then I decided I was going to make a throw sized quilt. And I went to buy the fabric.

In the store, as some might know, there were tons of fabrics. Lots. And lots. Anyways, me and my mom were there for at least 45 minutes picking out fabric to use that all went together.

Then the next day I decided I was going to make something out of this paisley like fabric I saw.

It’s going to be a purse.

I also went to a beginning quilting class. And this is what I made.

I had fun.

Why does school have to start again soon? I have all these projects to do..

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I mailed my Special Olympics scarves!! :-)

I had been debating on if I should make some more scarves. And I decided to! The pattern was made by Cris from Crochet with Cris. For these scarves, in addition to using the pattern linked to above, I used Red Heart Super Saver colors Soft Navy and Cherry Red as it says to on the 2012 Special Olympics Scarf site and an I/9 (5.5 mm) hook.

That’s my Duffy, he’s the Disney bear. I just got him about a week ago. He also has a pirate costume. :-)
You may have noticed that there are only four scarves in my box.. Well, this is what happened to the other one.

I had started that scarf in the summer (though the high today is 82 degrees Ferinheight..) and never finished it, so I went to finish it but my gauge had changed so much since then the scarf was turning out all wonky. (That’s a very technical term.) My gauge had even changed in a week! I had put the scarf down to work on something else and I went to work on it again but the hook I was using didn’t produce the same results! That’s when I called it quits and gave it to my Giant Long Neck Dino. He looks more Christmasy now anyway. :-)

Here are my finished snowflakes from the other day:

And here are some I made yesterday. Well the top left one I made with the ones from above, I just didn’t use the glue stuff on it.

For these snowflakes I used a 0/3.25 mm hook, a 1/2.75 mm hook, and a 7/1.65 mm hook. By the third one my hands hurt, so I stopped for the rest of the day (even though it was about 7:00 pm.) and I haven’t crocheted yet today (haven’t decided if I’m going to yet.). I’m not sure what thread yarn that is. I just know it’s a size 10 and I do believe made of bamboo.

I used some of the Snowcatcher‘s patterns for these! Before I couldn’t follow but I think since I had made my own I can see what she’s talking about now. :-)

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Some Presents

I’m working on finishing my snowflakes.

Thanks to the Snowcatcher for inspiring me to make snowflakes and how to finish them!! :-)

I also made some more pot holders the other day for presents for Christmas.
Here they are.

I like that last one best; so I’m keeping it for myself. ;-)

I have also been working on a little quilt that I started some time ago. It was to help me learn how to quilt. And my mom keeps telling me I should take a quilting class which I really should.

I am also still studying for the GRE. I’m trying to learn as many words as I can before I take the test.

But I’m still working on all my projects! I’m trying to get as many done as possible before school starts again.

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