This blanket

This blanket was my mom’s Christmas gift last year. I had thought of giving making her a blanket like the one we ‘inherited’ from the condo.

Not wanting to do a center rotating blanket for my mom, I looked around the internet for inspiration of variations on this blanket. And, I ended up finding this: Lion Brand Free Corner Granny Afghan Pattern.

This is a picture of my finished gift to my mother.

The yarns I used in this blanket are: One skein of Red Heart Super Saver Royal, two skeins of Red Heart Super Saver Soft Navy, two skeins of Homespun Montana Sky, and three skeins of Homespun Colonial.

As you could have noticed, I did not follow the pattern exactly as it appears at I just used that picture really as a guide in what I wanted to do. So, casting on a loop of the Royal color, I just crocheted until I thought the square was large enough. Then I switched yarns at a corner of the square to the Montana Sky color. I crocheted some more until I thought it was enough, and switched to the Soft Navy color next, and finally the Colonial color. I did not want to add on more yarn to my colorful blue square, so I decided to make another square, the same way I had made the first.
When I finished the second square, I laid out the squares in different configurations until I liked the way the pattern looked. And then I stitched the two squares together with some yarn. Now, after doing all this, I still had quite a bit leftover yarn! So, I saw that the blanket was quite narrow, and I choose to use the last of the yarn I had bought for this project to add on to the blanket to make it wider. And, it turned out quite nicely.

Oh, and my mom likes her new blanket as well. :-)

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