So a few months ago I was really interested in using plarn. For those of you who do not know what plarn is, plarn is plastic yarn, made from plastic bags. A few less months ago, I tried to use some plarn that I had made to make a bag. Yes, I used bags to make one bag.. However, when I crocheted the plarn, there were lots of holes in my swatch. And, the swatch was stiffer than I thought it would have been. So, I decided the other day to finally recycle my plarn.

I had wound my plarn into a big big ball; about the size of a soccer ball. And I thought I had put something that wasn’t yarn in the middle to wrap the plastic around. So, since that would not be recyclable with the bags, I unwrapped the ball. The plarn ended up looking like a bunch of seaweed spread out over the floor of the hallway. It looked like a bunch of spaghetti noodles that had fallen on the floor after being thrown. (Don’t ask me why the spaghetti was thrown.. That’s just what it looked like.) The plarn ran from one end of the hallway to the other with a pile of plarn at one end.

…And, as it turns out, that there was in fact nothing inside my ball of plarn.

I unwrapped the ball for no reason..

On another note, I have started using the yarn that I had bought where some turned out to be wrong. I’m making a surprise for my friend. I hope she likes it! I had made the same thing as a surprise for my other friend and she liked what I made. :-) Pics of this later.

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