So, I finished my friend’s surprise yesterday which is good because I went to see her today. And I gave her this:

It is made from Moda Dea Tweedle Dee Shaded Effect Yarn color Blue Heather and crochet hook size K (6.5 mm).
My friend said that she likes the color periwinkle.

This bag was made from the Market Bag pattern from The only thing I did differently was the handles. For the bag, I decreased the number of stitches in the bag from twenty-three to thirteen with two decreases; one decrease at the beginning of the row and one at the end with a double crochet on the ends. So, dc, dec 1, dc x times, dec 1, dc. The ‘x’ is for however many stitches before the last three stitches.

I had also found a pattern earlier this year that reminded me of her, and had asked her if she wanted me to make it for her. She did. They were Elf Shoes. And I made her elf shoes with Cascade 220 yarn.

These took me quite a long time to finish. Especially because I was still learning to knit better then. Like, I made some other socks before I tried to make these so they would turn out right. Also, the first time I tried this pattern I made the body too long; so long it doesn’t even fit my foot (my friend’s feet are smaller than mine). But I figured it out and finished the socks.

And today was my friends birthday. So on my way there, I stopped by the grocery store to pick up some cupcakes and balloons. She really liked the snail balloon I got her and when I got to where she lives she said it finally felt like her birthday. :-) And she liked the suprise bag as well as her elf socks.

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