Four or Six?

So, yesterday I started working on some coasters, because that is what I thought of to do with the yarn, Sugar’n Cream color Swimming Pool. And I could not decide how many coasters to make. (I just decided to make six coasters.) I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the rest of the yarn I will have left though..

Anyways, here’s a picture of the three I have completed so far!

I used a H (5 mm) hook for all the coasters. The coasters are just a simple single crochet stitch, eighteen stitches wide, and square.

The other thing I finished yesterday was this:

Here’s a close up.

This is made from Sugar n’ Cream color Mod Green and a H (5 mm) hook.
I have shown this piece to my family and they all say it looks too good to be a dishtowel.. But that’s what I thought the skein needed to be.. Even though I need to buy more yarn for the towel. And that is why I learned to make loops, so the dish towel could possibly work better than if it didn’t have loops.

And, me and my dad are left at the beach today. And when we were out in the ocean the funniest thing happened.. I’ve had some things happen to me while in the ocean, like touch a squishy cucumber thing (I did that again today..), step on a sea urchin (it didn’t break off a thorn), touch a turtle and stingray, get scared by a porpoise because it originally looked like a shark, and cut my foot on the bottom about three inches long. But never anything that happened today.. Today, a little fish jumped out of the water and hit me on my face.

It was pretty funny.

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One Response to Four or Six?

  1. I just used some left over dishcloth cotton to make a birthday candle ami. The colors are so bright it is fun to work with on different projects.

    Followed your Crochetville link.

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