Dishtowel from the other day

I started a dishtowel the other day, seen in . But the loops were not staying loops and the single crochet was not staying nice and neat. The single crochet was becoming big and deformed.
I did not like it. So, I ripped out what I had so far and looked for another way to do the loop stitch. Well, I actually did it backwards from the way I said.. I looked for another way to do the loop stitch, and then I ripped out what I had accomplished on my dishtowel. I found that there is a way to make loops so they do not move (deform). I found this. And here is what I have now after starting the dishtowel over.

This is made from Sugar n’ Cream color Mod Green and you can read more about it’s beginning here.

I also started on another afghan that’s different from the patch work blanket that I am continually working on. Here’s a picture of it!

It’s being made from Filatura Lanarota Wool Sprinkles colors 556 (blue) and 554 (red) with Filautra Lanarota Wool Heathers color 704 (black). The black yarn is the yarn they messed up in my order. The color I wanted was the black wool sprinkles.

I had started this the other day with a size I (5.5 mm) hook, but decided that I thought the holes were too big. So today, I started the blanket over with a H (5 mm) hook, and I think it looks much better! And I didn’t rip out what I had originally done so I could compare the two easier.

On a side note.. I keep wanting to make a big dino.. And a pterodactyl.. But I need to finish at least the dishtowel first!

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