What to do, what to do?

So I started and finished my pterodactyl in a day! :-) I really like how he turned out.

I made him with Sugar n’ Cream color Yellow with a H (5 mm) hook. It took me less than a day to make him. And I have been thinking about hanging him somehow with wire or fishing line so it looks like he’s flying. An interesting note. When I was first making the pterodactyl’s head I was intending for it to be the top, but once I finished his head, it seemed like the part I finished last would be a better top of his head. Also depending on which way the dino is looking (standing vs. flying) turning his head around makes him look better.

I also finished my dish towel. It’s made with Sugar n’ Cream color Mod Green and a H (5 mm) hook as well.

It was originally going to be a rectangle, but I was running out of yarn so I made it into a very large square. I really hope it works well. If not, I will be ripping it all out so I can use the yarn. I rather like Sugar n’ Cream now that I have used it.

I have also not decided on what to make the last scarf for the Special Olympics. I have two done already. I also cannot decide if I want to make more than three scarves. But, I still have more time to decide that.

In other news, the internet has not been working right for the past few days. Or maybe it’s been a full week now.. Anyhow that’s really annoying, wanting to go online to look at something and not being able to. But sometimes my family would go to my aunt’s house (she lives a mile away, in the same neighborhood) to use her internet. Yay laptops! :-P

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One Response to What to do, what to do?

  1. Bailey says:

    I love the pterodactyl. I use Sugar and Cream for my toys sometimes. I love the color options.

    Good luck with your Internet issues.

    (Visiting from Crochetville Blog thread)

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