Another Pterodactyl!

This pterodactyl is my sisters. She always wants a dino of her own after I make the first one.

This dino is made with Red Heart Super Saver color Aruba Sea and an I9 (5.5 mm) hook. I also put a weight in him so he could stand up by himself! (Unlike my pterodactyl who is yellow) The weight I used was a Carriage Bolt made of stainless steel. It’s held in place by the stuffing that is around it. So her dino can sit up by himself! :-)

These are all my sister’s dinos. She picked out her own yarn for the dinos as well.

Our internet should finally be fixed! :-) That should make surfing the web a lot easier. :-P It was just a pain before, when the internet was not working correctly. I would try to load a page and then the page would stop loading because the signal was lost in the modem.

I am still working on both my patchwork blanket and the other one. The patchwork blanket is going to take some time still. I will just keep working on it little by little til I have enough pieces to make one blanket! And hopefully the other blanket (blue start) will be finished before I go back to school! :-)

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One Response to Another Pterodactyl!

  1. Bailey says:

    What a great dino set. I can see why she would want her own.

    Followed you from the Crochetville thread.

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