My List (for now)

I was looking at Kathryn Vercillo’s blog the other day and saw that she had done a list of twenty-five things she would like to crochet. That inspired me to make my own list. Just not twenty-five long..

Here it is:

1. Patchwork Blanket
2. Other Blanket
3. Secret ;-P
4. Giant Long-Neck Dino
5. Bat (the mammal)
6. Snowflakes
7. Coasters
8. Hat (to fit the yarn I bought specifically for a hat)

My list doesn’t really consist of things that I want to make, three are just things I want to finish soon (the first three). The secret is something that will probably take a while to finish. And I really want to share what I’m doing.. But, I really want it to be a surprise! :-) It is going to be awesome!

The bat I want to make in time for Halloween and the snowflakes I will try to make sometime in October or November so I can have them for this Christmas. Then my sister and I can put the snowflakes in the condo our parents are renting that is close to school.

As far as having specific patterns I want to do.. I look at patterns and bookmark the ones I like. So there are a lot that are bookmarked for (maybe) future use. Otherwise, if I just feel like making something I’ll make it, with a pattern or without one. Like my dinos.

And really, most of these things (not numbers 4/5/6) are to use up the yarn I have. And as far as the giant long-neck dino goes.. I’ll have to buy more yarn to make him because I don’t have enough yarn to make one..

I’ve been working on the secret for a few days now. But it’s still a long way from being finished. I also worked on my other blanket more.

Here’s a new picture.

I hope I’ll be able to finish it soon. :-)

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2 Responses to My List (for now)

  1. So glad that I was able to inspire you to make your list. I think it’s great to have lists that you want to finish up because it helps keep you on task with it and then you’ve got success to celebrate! Blanket looks terrific!

  2. Bailey says:

    The blanket looks great. Your list looks full of fun projects.

    Followed you from the Crochetville blog thread.

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