This Past Week

My dad and I went to the beach this week, and I forgot my computer.. But, it was all okay. We spent most of our time surfing. And we came back Friday and I was reunited with my computer!

The Friday before the fourth of July I had seen sparklers at the store, and wanted some. I had never had any before, but had seen others who had them. Well, my mom got sparklers from her work for free! :-) On the fourth I lit some of the sparklers and it was fun. I also took some pictures of them.

We were home on the fourth (we had gone to the beach), but the fireworks here are done on the third. So, even though I was thinking I might be able to see the fireworks when we got home, I was really just being silly. And I was kind of disappointed with my sparklers because they didn’t last very long. I would have had more fun had the sparkler lasted longer.

I went to look at yarn/thread recently. And I bought more yarn even though I was doing so well with not buying yarn…
But the yarn I bought will be used for the surprise I mentioned in my last post. And I got more white yarn for some pandas because I had run out. I also got some size ten thread for snowflakes. I found this really great blog where there are a bunch of snowflake patterns. I also like all of her pictures. :-)

I tried to make a snowflake.. This snowflake. And I had trouble getting used to the small yarn/hook, but I finally got a hang of it! Until.. I discovered that my snowflake was wrong.. The snowflake was supposed to have six points and mine only had five plus a weird shaped part..

I think I’m just going to start over the snowflake (again), but this time not follow a pattern. I was having trouble following the pattern, maybe because it’s the first snowflake I’ve tried to make. Hopefully making my own snowflake will turn out better! :-)

And my mom got a present for me!

She got this from work too. The landscapers were taking out these plants and giving them to people who wanted them, so my mom got one for me since I like growing plants! I hope the pineapple turns out good! :-)

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  1. I think it’s a great idea to start over without a pattern on that snowflake – good luck!

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