Hand Hurting

I haven’t been able to crochet (or knit for that matter) anything for the past few days. See my right hand started hurting when I was crocheting Wednesday. So I took the rest of the day off and tried to crochet Thursday. But, my right wrist starting hurting. :-( So I stopped. And I crocheted some today, on a blanket, and my right hand/wrist seem fine, but my left hand is hurting. I think my left hand is hurting because it really does not have any work to hold on to. It’s my left hand that usually starts hurting after crocheting for a while. And I think that my right hand/wrist started hurting because I’ve been crocheting a lot everyday (I know that’s not good for you). So hopefully I’ll be able to start crocheting more again.

And since my hand started hurting on Wednesday, I was bored. So, I was walking around my house, looking for something to do, and I thought of reading the Harry Potter series again. So, that’s what I have been doing for the past three days. I’m on book four now.

Before my hand started hurting, I was doing very well with my surprise. But now it is going to be a while longer before I’m finished since I cannot work on anything. I’d say I’m about… I don’t know really. How much is done. It depends. If I say what the surprise depends on you’ll have a hint.. And I want you to be curious about the surprise. :-) So no hints!

Here’s a picture!

This is my aunt’s Boston Terrier, Jack. He’s named after Captain Jack Sparrow. He’s staying with us at for whole month! (It’s been two weeks so far) My aunt has gone away for work and he couldn’t go with her so we get to take care of him.

He likes to think that he doesn’t get a lot of attention, but he really does. Getting to play anytime he wants to..

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One Response to Hand Hurting

  1. Bailey says:

    Hope your hand situation improves soon. I hate the hand cramps.

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