I need to weave in ends..

I’ve worked on my Giant Long Neck Dino some this past week.

I don’t like the part where his neck is going to meet his body. I need to rip it out and remake part of him. Which I’ve already done for part of him. I haven’t redone him yet because I don’t want to bother with keeping track of what I’m doing and be hassled by having to keep redoing him now.

So, I’ve been working on my blanket.

It’s going along well, except I have to weave in more ends..

Maybe I’ll do that today.

And in approximately a week and a half, I’ll be going back to school, so I doubt I will be able/crocheting enough for me to have bi-weekly posts, like when I first started. I will (hopefully) have weekly posts like it has been for the past month. But I have been trying to have more posts.. I just didn’t get around to it..

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One Response to I need to weave in ends..

  1. Bailey says:

    I like to work on completely different projects. It helps to keep me motivated.

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