New Special Olympics Scarf

I finally started my final (for now, might make some more scarves later) Special Olympics Scarf! Here’s a picture.

This scarf is made of Red Heart Super Saver colors Cherry Red and Soft Navy as the Special Olympics Scarf Project website says. You can see my other scarves for the project here. And it’s being crocheted with a size I/9 (5.5 mm) hook, just like the Giant Long Neck Dino!

I plan on sending my scarves to Georgia since I live in Florida. Yes, because it doesn’t snow here so they are not in need of scarves for the Special Olympics. On a side note, I have never seen snow (well, except for pictures and on the tv, etc.). It was also kind of weird to be crocheting scarves here in the summer.. And it doesn’t get cold here for enough days to need a scarf really. Definitely a hat some days and a jacket; at least for the people with short/thin hair, who ride bikes/skateboards to class, and who think that sixty degrees (Fahrenheit) is cold. (That would be me. I’ve lived here my whole life.)

You may be wondering why the red stripe is bigger than the blue one. Well, I did this because I have more red yarn left over than blue and I really do not want to run out of blue yarn before my scarf is between the required fifty-four and sixty inches long.

You may say I could just buy more yarn. And you’re absolutely right! Especially since this yarn would be for a good cause. But, I have run out of ideas for scarves and really do not want to look for patterns. It has taken me a while to come up with an idea for this scarf! Even when I started crocheting this one I did not really know what I was going to do. I am also trying to use up the yarn I have and not get more. Hence the patchwork blanket.

I would have kept crocheting but my left hand started hurting again so I called it quits for yesterday. I plan on crocheting more on it today.

While writing this post I thought of something. Scarf is kind of a funny word. It sounds funny in my head now when I say/read/write it. Scarf. Scarf. Scarf. Scarf. See how it’s weird yet? When you say it a bunch of times it sounds like you’re trying to eat something fast.. And then scarves. Why can’t you add an ‘s’ to the end of scarf? I mean it does sound kind of weird, scarfs, but the English language is weird.

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One Response to New Special Olympics Scarf

  1. Definitely like “scarves” better than “scarfs”!!!

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