It’s the third week?

Time is going by so quickly! It’s already the third week of class. I worked on my Giant Long Neck Dino early last week and this is what I have now.

As you can see, I have gotten farther with his body. But, now his body is going to be too big again! :-( So, I have to rip him apart even more now and redo him yet again. :-O At least if I do redo him again I can work on making him more like I want him to be. Which would be good.

I finished my turtle dishcloth thing!

You can see what pattern and the yarn I used in this post.

I hope I will be able to post at least once a week soon. I think that would be good. But I’m just now getting caught up with my work (thanks three day weekend!) so I hope it will work out.

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One Response to It’s the third week?

  1. Bailey says:

    I love the dishcloth. They are the only things I can knit. I am working on a dino project right now. Not designing, but making some for donations. My first one is almost done.

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