Hanger Cover

I got this fancy new coat and it needed a studier hanger than the ones I have. So, I asked my mom to bring me some hangers. She brought a few and I chose this one:

But I was afraid it would snag on the fabric. And that would be bad. So, I had an idea. Not entirely my own idea though. My idea was to cover it with some crochet! There are at least two hangers at home like this. I got to work covering my hanger (which is why the giant long neck dino has only part of one leg).

This is the halfway point.

And the finished product!

I used a worsted weight dark blue yarn with a J hook. I’m not sure what brand of yarn it is because I just had some left over. And I started with a chain of five and went around it in a circle like. I single crocheted to the end of the chain and then went and crocheted on the other side of the chain and kept working in a round.

Since I got my new coat, all the other projects went on hold for a little so I could crochet my hanger cover. The giant long neck dino’s body is done though! :-) I was having problems with his head/neck staying up but I put some plastic in him so now his head stays up! :-) And I ended up redoing his body a total of five times. Five! So many. I just hope I don’t have that same problem with his legs..

As for the scarves; I need to do them! It’s good that the TV show House is starting again soon. That’s when I used to crochet last year at school. So hopefully I will be working on more stuff again then! :-)

And school has been super busy.

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3 Responses to Hanger Cover

  1. Rie says:

    Ahh, the only good hanger is a covered hanger! Good job!

  2. Snowcatcher says:

    When I was in Girl Scouts (way back in the days of dinosaurs), they taught us to cover hangers by wrapping the yarn around the hanger. I like your idea much better!

    I’m totally loving your blog header! What cuties!!!

  3. Bailey says:

    Crochet hangers used to be so common when I was younger. I haven’t seen any in years. Yours looks great.

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