I finished something!!

It’s been a long time.

A really Really long time….

Anyways, school is over for the semester now and I have a break!!
Not really.. I have to study for the GRE..

You might remember that present my mom got me a few months ago.
Well, the pineapple was all ready to eat! So I tired it…
…and it was sour! It was ripe; the pineapple was yellow and
tasted like pineapple, it was just sour. I still liked it though.
It was nice to eat something I helped to grow.

I also carved pumpkin for Halloween.

It’s a ghost! :-)

I have been doing some crocheting these last few months.
I made some snowflakes.

I made a Christmas present for my Grandma.

Make some glitter ornaments.

I like how they turned out.

And I finally..

Finished the Giant Long Neck Dino!!!

I’m going to be working on a lot more crocheting now since school is over for the semester….
And study for the GRE..

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One Response to I finished something!!

  1. Bailey says:

    Great projects. I love the dino.

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