I mailed my Special Olympics scarves!! :-)

I had been debating on if I should make some more scarves. And I decided to! The pattern was made by Cris from Crochet with Cris. For these scarves, in addition to using the pattern linked to above, I used Red Heart Super Saver colors Soft Navy and Cherry Red as it says to on the 2012 Special Olympics Scarf site and an I/9 (5.5 mm) hook.

That’s my Duffy, he’s the Disney bear. I just got him about a week ago. He also has a pirate costume. :-)
You may have noticed that there are only four scarves in my box.. Well, this is what happened to the other one.

I had started that scarf in the summer (though the high today is 82 degrees Ferinheight..) and never finished it, so I went to finish it but my gauge had changed so much since then the scarf was turning out all wonky. (That’s a very technical term.) My gauge had even changed in a week! I had put the scarf down to work on something else and I went to work on it again but the hook I was using didn’t produce the same results! That’s when I called it quits and gave it to my Giant Long Neck Dino. He looks more Christmasy now anyway. :-)

Here are my finished snowflakes from the other day:

And here are some I made yesterday. Well the top left one I made with the ones from above, I just didn’t use the glue stuff on it.

For these snowflakes I used a 0/3.25 mm hook, a 1/2.75 mm hook, and a 7/1.65 mm hook. By the third one my hands hurt, so I stopped for the rest of the day (even though it was about 7:00 pm.) and I haven’t crocheted yet today (haven’t decided if I’m going to yet.). I’m not sure what thread yarn that is. I just know it’s a size 10 and I do believe made of bamboo.

I used some of the Snowcatcher‘s patterns for these! Before I couldn’t follow but I think since I had made my own I can see what she’s talking about now. :-)

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