Monthly March Post!

It was spring break for us last week. More like two weeks now. And that meant: crocheting! Well, crocheting when I wanted to after completing (or almost completing) an assignment. My friend had gone to an event I had organized, and he had said, that if he went, he wanted a dinosaur. My other friend was feeling down so I made him the long neck dino. And yet another friend, who I have known for longer than the other two, still didn’t have a dino so I asked him what kind of dino he wanted and he said “The flying one!”, and so I made him a flying dino. Here are all the dinos.

You may have noticed that there is a new dino on the right.
It’s a raptor. My friend requested one, so I made one.
He’s made with Red Heart Super Saver Navy and I think a G hook.

Last but not least is a soap holder! Over spring break, two of the aforementioned friends asked me if I wanted to go camping the first Friday/Saturday/Sunday of spring break. At first I was like, I’m not sure.. And then the Thursday before they were leaving they asked me again (raptor friend told me I should go earlier Thursday, and then long neck dino friend told me I should go too later Thursday) and I decided I would go. I had a really really fun time, so much that I can’t really wait to go camping again! I think it was the people I was with that made it so fun :-). Anyways, we all forgot soap for like hand washing, and when we got back I was thinking, you can’t just have soap all by itself because then it would get covered in leaves and dirt and stuff. So I decided to make a soap thing that would hold the soap and keep it off the ground.

It’s made with some cotton stuff (size 3 thread) and a 3.75? mm hook.

In the school department, all my teachers were “nice” because we didn’t have any tests the week back from spring break.. That just means I have three tests this week. And one next week. And currently 5 weeks left of school. Well, 5 weeks and 1 day since our school has exams start on a Tuesday (which is weird, they are going to change that next semester and the semesters following). But, I only have 5 weeks left since I only have class Tuesday/Thursday which is good and bad..

And! I figured out my schedule for the next 5 semesters.. Assuming I don’t have to retake any. So that means I should be graduating with my bachelors in the spring of 2014. Originally I had thought I would graduated in the traditional four years (making it spring 2013), but I’m not sure if any engineering students can graduate “on time” with a good gpa/involvement/internships so. And by then I’ll have taken four grad classes and will only need six more!a

I’m glad I’ve been able to keep up my once a month posts. Yay for the leap day! :-) Maybe March will get two posts!! :-P

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One Response to Monthly March Post!

  1. Bailey says:

    Sounds like a well deserved break. Love the dinos. I don’t think I’ve seen a raptor before. Your friends are lucky to have such a talented crocheter among them. I highly recommend the soap holders while camping. If I had only crocheted back when I was camping I’d have made several different cotton containers for things.

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